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Creating more access to

birth education for two-spirit/ed, transgender and queer

people of color.

The Prison Doula Project is proud to support an upcoming doula/labor support workshop that is for trans* and queer people of color.  Because the number of birth-workers that openly identify with and serve trans*, queer and poc communities is still relatively small due to inaccessible birth education, we are offering a workshop where Q/TPOC community can come to learn about birth, reproductive justice and health.  We are community members and health practitioners who are not clinical experts, but as a group will draw on our collective experiences and knowledge as trans & queer pocs to cultivate reproductive health.  


Our intention is to create a safer space for QTPOC to engage with our own ancestry and stories around birth practices as well as learn basics of birth support during all aspects of pregnancy including adoption, abortion or miscarriage.

Fill out an application to participate in our workshop.  Registration scholarships are also available here.  Aplicaciones también disponible en español aqui.

We are still fundraising to cover workshop cost and registration scholarships for participants! Please consider donating today!

*Trans: transgender, trans-womyn, trans-men, two-spirit/ed, gender-fluid, androgynous, genderqueer, and all other manifestations or words for gender transcendence!

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